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Treating your face isn’t easy when you’re in covid-19.


Have you experience acne due to wearing a mask?



Want to deal with dry skin, oily skin, confused about providing nutrition to the skin, or want to brighten skin tone, you can just consult with us!

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Wearing Mask Leads to Acne?

Reasons for acne from wearing masks during COVID-19

  • The skin becomes deprived of oxygen and makes the skin hot due to the mask being exposed to the sun when used.

  • Bacteria accumulate because masks are not hygienic anymore.

Acne caused by mask is a common side effect of exposure to the sun.

As a result, inflammation on skin face and prone to bacteria.

Then the bacteria in the mask stick to the face which eventually becomes stubborn acne.

If not treated properly, acne scars will be difficult to remove!

Inflammation on the face skin will look like this

For that, we are here with these holy grails products.

But before buying, you still MUST CONSULT first so you can buy the REALLY SUITABLE product for your skin!

Ragel Official

Galactomyces Essence Face Mist

Relieves heat on facial skin, is able to clean bacteria that sticks due to masks, and can be used for all skin

Ragel Official

Cleansing Foam

Helps cleaning your face with foam which has active ingredients to help brighten your facial skin.

Ragel Official

Acne Spot Treatment Cream & Gel

Helps disguise black spots and reduce black spots on the face that makes your face glow.

Ragel Official

Revitalizing Toner

Helps brighten the face with active ingredients that are able to take good care of your skin

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Why You Should Choose Ragel?

Reputable Lab-Tested

RAGEL is made with Paris standards and also reaches medical cosmetic grade

BPOM Certified

We guarantee the best products that will reach your hands and are certified by BPOM

100% Safe

We believe that our face need to be protected, so don't be afraid this product is 100% safe!

  • 100% Safe

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • BPOM Certified

  • 100% Medical Grade

  • What Our Customers Say?

    We work hard for our customers to get them the results they want!

    ''Muka lebih tenang ya ga iritasi seperti sebelumnya, dan saya semprot sampe ke leher juga."

    Santy Mocha, Bali

    '' Waktu itu, jerawat tumbuh di dagu gede -gede. Saya semprot mengecil dan hilang lo. Memang mantap''

    Veronica Wijaya • Medan

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